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I’ve previously waxed all poetic-like about how wonderful Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had some stunningly gorgeous weather here over the last several days. Sadly, with the bursts of warmth, comes the Evil Pollen.* So I’ve been having Seasonal Allergy Fun, ranging from generally feeling swampy to throbbing headaches. You can imagine it, right? I don’t have to describe?

Friday Lunch: I got a call from oh_that_jocelyn, who was on a bus in a blizzard. It felt a bit odd to think of her in a freezing-cold storm while it was so balmy here. (Everything’s okay; she made it home safely.)

Friday Evening Walk: Since it was beautiful here after work, I felt obligated to go for a walk. I did a loop through Kellogg Creek Park. As I neared home, I was thinking how nice it was out, and how I felt too crappy to actually enjoy it. Not a complete waste of a walk, I guess...

Saturday: More of the same. Made some progress on Monday’s comic (lots of components, so it took an Extra-Long Time). Highlight was being invited to dinner (tasty corned beef, potatoes and cabbage) at the home of sanguinity & grrlpup. Apparently they took my quiz seriously, since we talked about me rather a lot. I told stories that explained a couple of the answers, but as always, the discussion ranged quite far. Also as usual, I announced I should go, and then stayed for another half hour. It was great.

Sunday: Woke up with a thumping headache. Coffee and ibuprofen helped, but I suspect it’s allergy-related. Managed to have enough brains to finish Monday’s comic and tidy up a little, but this was not destined to be a highly-productive weekend. But I managed to post this, so not a complete loss, right?

*Technically, the pollen isn’t Evil, it’s just that my immune system believes it is, and must mount a counterattack (like the way the dogs must bark incessantly at squirrels in the yard).

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