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Not Going To Plan...

I knew I wouldn't have a very "productive" day on Saturday, as I was scheduled to give blood mid-morning, go for a walk to Mt. Tabor and back with sanguinity and grrlpup early afternoon, and see a movie with BA that evening (Bridge to Terabithia). It was a pretty good day. We only got rained on a bit while walking, and we managed to keep finding conversational topics (which is fortunately, as if we all started staring at our shoes, we might wander into traffic). And I enjoyed the movie, even if it did feel compacted into the running time (I haven't read the book, but I did get the sense that chunks of story were left out. Or something).

With essentially taking Saturday off, I figured I'd be busy Sunday. I don't think it's because of the change to Daylight Saving Time, but I've been slammed all day. My head is swimmy and aching, I've felt exhausted, even with a two-hour nap. I've managed to assemble tomorrow's comic and go over some stories with my proofreader, but I'm not going to get to the list of things I expected to accomplish. Vexing, to say the least.

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