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Cheerfully Underemployed

I've rejoined the Working World! (To be fair, over the last six months I haven't just been hanging around the house, eating ice cream and watching television, it only seems like it.) I'm now trained to run a bookstore solo, specifically Dragon's Head Books, at SE 60th and Division (Motto: "The BEST Portland Bookstore Run by Underemployed IT Professionals!"). Between Thursday and Friday, this training took FIVE HOURS! I'm exhausted. I know some people can work fifteen or twenty hours in a week; how do they survive? I can't imagine.

Anyway, my job interview went something like this:

Me: "Can I work part time at the bookstore?"
R: "Sure."

This move was primarily to show current employment when filling out rental applications (for some reason, Landlords like to see what they call "income"). Ironically, I got accepted for my new apartment before I actually did any work, but I at least could indicate on my application that I was destined to have a job.

This makes a nice backdrop for a "Universe Taking Care of Things" story: Currently J (not my housemate J) has been staffing the store while looking for consulting work again. She was interviewed this week, seemingly destined to start next Monday. Fortuitously, I would be trained and able to take over her shift (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 11:00 - 6:00 & Sunday 1:00 - 6:00, and sometimes Friday 11:00 - 6:00). Then I realized that A) I really NEED to spend next week packing and B) JQP will be here too. So by weird twist of Fate, the employers decided that J would be overqualified for the position, so they hired someone UNDERQALIFIED, with a five-day probationary period. So J will work the store next week, giving me time to pack and visit, and then she should (if the Universe is Just) replace the Underqualified guy and I can get some serious hours.

So I may work for a while surrounded by books. I can live with that.

So now I need to buckle down and pack. Of course, when faced with this necessity, my brain decides that I MUST finish my paintings first. So I've been spending a few hours daily to get those done, and I have only one piece unfinished. You can see the rest at my website (I finally put a direct link from the home page so people can find it easily).

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