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Coast Report: It’s Still Good There

The clever thing to do, of course, would have been to start with the important, Must-Be-Done tasks. Once they were completed, I would have a leisurely time noodling about until time to depart. Yet I often feel that I have so much time, I can start with the goofing-off portion of my day, and then turn to the productive activity. You see the problem. Somehow I rarely budget enough time to finish everything without rushing about, thereby negating the leisurely pace previously established. Someday I’ll learn.

I won’t complain too much, however, as I wrapped up everything just in time to caravan to the coast with drarwenchicken and BILJ. And despite the rain, the drive was easy and uneventful. Once there, we quickly settled in to the Traditional Beach-Trip Activities, such as Game Playing (Cranium, trains (Actually called “Ticket to Ride”), Poker, Ruckus, and probably others), Consuming Alcoholic Beverages, Going for Walks, Spontaneous Collaborative Dinner Preparation (not completely unplanned, but they always result in a meal far better than one would expect from such low-key organization), Reading, Watching the Ocean, Soaking in the Hot Tub, Napping, Admiring the Full Moon, and Talking about Stuff.

I could go on about how much fun it was and all that happened, but I won’t. I took some photos, which can be seen here. You’ll see that I made Ammonites In A Blanket (inspired by sanguinity). You’ll also note the drarwenchicken’s luck with the weather once again came through; Sunday was sunny and pleasantly warm.

The beach house got mixed reviews. Location was fine and the living space and kitchen on the top level were great. Loss of points for some plumbing issues, odd carpet aromas, mattresses old enough to have permanent concave depressions, a propane grill on the edge of usability, and poorly-designed lighting. (And a minor point, yet one I found particularly curious, was a lack of space for shoes and coats by the main entrance. The owners asked that guests didn’t wear outdoor shoes while indoors, yet aside from a little extra width, the entrance area lacked any accommodation for that. Would a row of coat hooks and a low rack for shoes really ruin the aesthetic?)

The people who were there know me well enough to recognize that when I pull out my notebook, something was said or done that struck me as amusing enough to capture. So as I’m writing, they’re asking “What? What was it?” No overt competition ensued, but there seems to be a bit of triumph associated with making a noteworthy remark.

All in all, the weekend was tiring, but well worth the rushing about to get ready in time to dash off to have that much fun.
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