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I Like The Part About Meme!

Gakked from maryrobinette (originally published at maryrobinettekowal.com): First sentences of my last* five stories.

1. "I'm sorry to cause you more pain," Blake wrote. (Farewell, My Sweet)

2. “Thank you, again, but I’m positive I don’t need any more coffee,” Dr. Eldritch said, waving for the petite, gray-haired woman across from him to sit. (And Now, To Sleep...)

3. Trevor the Troll woke up early on his birthday, and sat up in bed with a big grin. (Trevor’s Best Birthday Ever - A Children’s Fable With Uplifting Conclusion)

4. “On a grim day, where clouds the color of stale coffee mixed with expired non-dairy creamer hung over the city like dingy curtains in a hotel where dreams come to die, Chester Whitcomb entered my dilapidated office." (Sudden Death Overtime)

5. Three travelers hiked in an antique land, and came across a curious bottle, half buried in the sand. (Three Men and a Wish)

*My criteria for my "last" stories are the three that were published as subscription fiction for Eldritch Stories, one submitted to a contest, and one written but not published.

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