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Saturday's Progress & Down Time

Did pretty well yesterday on the Weekend’s List, even with going to Second Breakfast with drarwenchicken & BILJ, and innumerable temptations (why is it that when I have a bunch of things to get done, I feel I really MUST organize my sock drawer RIGHT NOW?*). Even today, it seems critical to post in LJ about my progress yesterday, when I should be working on today’s tasks...

Last night, after I’d completed the Productive Phase for the day, I tried to watch the movie Harvard Man, but was not impressed (written and directed by the same person; enough said). So I played computer games for a while. Lately I’ve been amused by “Thunder Plunder,” an action game where the player guides a tiny Viking through various locales, gathering treasure, setting off explosives and avoiding ghosts (a thinly-veiled Metaphor for Life if I ever saw one). As you progress through, the ghosts move faster and advance from aimless wandering to actively chasing the Viking. So the stress level increases as the focus shifts to primarily evading pursuers, and in my opinion, the game becomes less fun.

I wish more online games has a “Just Dinking About” mode, rather than the common “Play To Failure” strategy (i.e. the aforementioned increase in speed and/or difficulty until the player loses). I understand why games are like that; most players want the increasing challenge, or they’ll get bored. But when I’m playing, I’d like the option of not having it get harder. The goal isn’t becoming expert or setting the highest score, but just to dink about for a while. Sure, I could play the first levels over and over, but I want to work my way through all the panels and see what is to be seen.

I think what I’m saying is that there are times I’d like my leisure activities to be, well, leisurely.

*Just an example. It’s not like I have an unhealthy Sock Drawer Organization Obsession.

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