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Now that I've gotten caught up on my Vermont trip (and whined about bad drivers), I can update this Journal with the events of the last couple weeks. Our landlords said that they indeed would return to Portland, and are aiming for the end of July. So we are to be out of this house by July 15th. This is not unexpected, but it is sad. This has been a great place to live, and it is a shame to have to leave. Also, drarwenchicken and J have decided that they want to find a place for just the two of them. This isn't because of any problems with having me as a roommate (at least, that's what they SAID), but rather a desire to live as a couple on their own. That is also a bit sad, but I understand.

It also simplifies things a bit. As the One With The Most Free Time, I'd been doing the frantic new-home searching. I'd been looking for a place that met the needs/desires of three people; now I only have to worry about one. It does mean I'm likely to spend a couple hundred dollars more on rent each month, so I'll probably have to get a real job sooner. So it goes. I may pick up some part-time work at Dragon Head Books, to help fill in.

So I should be in a new home within five weeks! I'm trying to reframe my attitude to minimize stress; not worrying about moving at times when I'm not working on it, organizing my thought and plans so I don't feel overwhelmed, and thinking of it all as an exciting adventure, not some onerous punishment. I've been moderately successful. So where will I PAINT?

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