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TUESDAY - I Do Not Find Things To Make Us Go

Tuesday: I dislike feeling Not Smart. I’ve almost finished my Sekkrit Project, except for about 150 words of commentary. Easy, right? Crank that out in about five minutes? No, I spent all day with my mind churning on it. Not that I don’t have things to say, but I need to boil it down to just the right words with just the right tone. And even knowing that I’m totally overthinking this doesn’t help. I have to send off the finished product on Wednesday. Something needs to come together soon.

So I spent the evening assembling Wednesday’s comic. As I was wrapping it up, I thought “If I push, I can finish the Newsletter before it gets too late.” But I Did. Not. Want.

At least I’ve learned that when I have strong emotional reactions like that, it’s best not to ignore them. I’ll do better, and be much happier, if I take some downtime (Stephen Covey refers to it as “Sharpening The Axe”*). So maybe I’m Not So Not Smart, after all.

*Okay, he refers to it as "Sharpening the Saw," but I like axes.

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