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Bad Drivers! NO BISCUIT!

I know the people reading this aren't stupid, so this probably won't reach those who need it, but let me remind y'all that when a stoplight is not functional, the intersection is treated as a FOUR-WAY STOP! Today I'm northbound on 20th, intending on making a left onto Holgate. I stop at the dysfunctional stoplight, as do two of the East/West drivers. I then enter the intersection to make my turn, and not one or two but THREE idiots in the eastbound center lane blow through the intersection as if they see neither the non-working light, the other stopped cars nor ME sitting damn near in their path! I admit I was tempted to roll the front of my vehicle into their lane to get their attention (and maybe have their insurance company buy me a new car), but the safety-minded part of my brain prevents me from such a risky endeavor. I'm sure they figured that all the police are tending to the Grand Floral Parade, so they wouldn't get busted (or they're just stupid, I'd consider that a reasonable explanation as well). I hope they get what they deserve...
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