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SATURDAY – A Walk In The Rain

I had two visits planned for today; to drop off kr8vkat & Steinway’s Baby Shower Present and to meet up with The Librarian to do something (hadn’t figured out what that would be yet). Then sanguinity and grrlpup invited us to go for a walk along the Springwater Corridor. The Librarian was up for that, so we headed out. In my defense, it was barely sprinkling when she and I arrived at sanguinity and grrlpup’s house, but by the time we all got to the trail, rain. Unquestionably rain.

So we played “Who’s A Quitter?” It’s an easy game. Everybody starts walking, and the first person to say “I’m cold and wet. Let’s go back!” loses. (It's also Bad Form to admit that the game is being played.) We walked and talked about all sorts of stuff (like Movie Physics and Whether We’ll See Any Bears), and it kept raining. And raining. We missed the turn-around point while I was explaining how the weather Really Wasn’t My Fault, and ended up going an extra half mile out. So our five-mile walk turned into a six-mile walk, but the rain actually stopped for a while on the way back.

The logical thing to do next was go for pancakes. We were all rather damp and a bit chilled, but that just made the hot beverages and pancakes with Five Kinds of Syrup taste all that much better.* By the time we left and I drove The Librarian home, it was rather late. So I decided I’d postpone my other visit to a time when my jeans weren’t clinging clammily to my legs.

Even though our walk involved a lot of precipitation, I had a really good time.

*You might be thinking that Evans really shouldn’t be eating pancakes and syrup, as they make for a rather restless night and significant grogginess the next day. You’d be right. They did. But they tasted so good!

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