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Generally, the Empty Meaningless of Life Doesn’t Bother Me.

Monday: I did something unpleasant to my neck. I’m not sure how. I was looking down, turned my head to the side, and my muscles went “sproing!” (or words to that effect). It hurt intensely for a time, then settled down a bit. After a session with a heating pad that night, I could move about, look up or down, or even turn my head to the side without much discomfort. Tilting my head to the right, however, makes me say things like “Ow ow ow!” If it’s not doing better by Wednesday, I’ll see about a chiropractor visit (On the up side, I can lead with “Doctor, it hurts when I do this!” and see what she says).

Tuesday: Very sleepy today. One of those mornings without meetings or interruptions, so I think “Hey, I’ll get lots done!” Then I realize I’ve been staring at the computer screen without actually reading anything for about ten minutes. About all I’m mentally up for seems to be going through my email Inbasket and filing old messages. Fortunately (I guess), there’s quite a few to deal with.

I think I’m most bothered by disarray and backlog when I’m least capable of mitigating it. As I finished assembling Wednesday’s comic, I was thinking about what I should do next, but I was tired and aching. All I felt like doing was going to bed. So, of course, everywhere my attention landed, there was a reminder of something to do; prizes to send out, newsletters to finish, stories to publish, a baby gift to deliver…

If I don’t have the time and energy to get things done, the obvious answer is to stop taking on new projects and cut back on what I’m doing until I can keep up (or even, dare I say, get ahead). I can optimize my time by eliminating small time-wasters, like Whinging About Being Behind (appx. 10 min/day) and Shaving (appx. 3 mins/day (but then I’d spend about 2 mins/day in Checking Facial Hair for Food Scraps and Other Unsightly Things, so that’s really not much of a time savings), but one can only gain so much from optimization. I figured that if I gave up Big Happy Fun Time, I’d get about 50 hours/week in usable time. Now, that’s something I can work with. But, as always, it comes back to money.

Wednesday: No joke. I forgot to do the set-up for the joke, but there was a cancellation at Dr. J’s office, so I got a mid-day adjustment. My neck is still not sure about it, but I’m feeling better. Still tired, so I'm going to try to send the Newsletter out, and call it a night...

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