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99% Done

I saw license plate 990 yesterday!* Just ten more numbers, and I’m done. The feeling reminds me of those last days of high school, after final exams are completed. There’s still a little bit to go, but I can relax and let momentum carry me across the finish line.

If any of you have a betting pool going, my overall average pace is about 55 days per number.** With that data, you should be able to pick the day I’m likely to finish…

* For those New Readers or others who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m playing a game of license-plate solitaire, where I spot the numbers on license plates from 001 to 000 in sequence. Plates like “ABC 991” or “991 ZYX” would count for 991, but “3PK4991” would not. It’s a fun game, and has provided moments of great satisfaction (such as when spotting three sequential plate numbers in one day), but it’s not a fast game. I’ve been playing this round for about fifteen years.

I don’t think I’ll play again.

**But today, I saw 991 and 992!
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