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Not Like I Really Care, or Anything...

The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards nominations are supposed to be announced today. This is the first year they have an award for Outstanding Photocomic. I’m pleased to have the category added. A lot of webcomic artists don’t really consider photocomics on the same level as drawn ones, so this gives us a chance to win something.

I hadn’t really considered my comic popular enough to be a contender, until a friend expressed surprise at the thought that it wouldn’t be. I’d thought Alien Loves Predator, Tiny Ghosts, Heart of Chaos, Reprographics and/or Irregular Webcomic would be the chosen field. But if other artists went out to Photowebcomics.com, mine is at the top of the list. There’s a reasonable chance that they’d be favorably impressed with what they saw, and I’d get a nomination on their ballot.

So I’ve been waiting to see, not wanting to get my hopes up. However, of all the adjectives one could use to describe the WCCA, “punctual” is not one. The nominations weren’t up when I left for work, and it’s quite possible that they won’t appear for a day or two. I’ve been trying hard to not call my friends and ask them to check. The fact that nobody’s called me makes me think that the nominations have been announced, and “Ask Dr. Eldritch” is not included. I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to be the Bearer of Bad News.

So I’m trying to be patient.

ETA: As of 5:45, they still haven’t posted the list. *sigh*
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