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Vermont Trip, May 24rd - Day #6 - How I Spent My Birthday

The day started with the most small-town event; breakfast at the Wasp. This tiny diner has only a dozen stools at the counter, no tables. Bruce, who appears to be a not-very-ex-hippie wanders back and forth behind the counter, taking orders, running the register and joking with the locals (which is everyone else in the diner). Jill cooks, and with the grill being just the other side of the counter, one gets to watch everybody's food being prepared. It's homey, convivial, and a lot like being in an episode of "Northern Exposure." I had sausage and two pancakes; each the size of... um, a dinner plate. I couldn't finish them. Just order one, unless you're really hungry. And FYI, the way one checks out at the Wasp is to go to the register and tell Bruce what you had, and he rings it up. I'll have to go back sometime.

After breakfast, we went a couple doors down to the laundromat. After an uncomfortable night of congestion and wheezing, only partially mitigated by my pharmaceutical regime, we decided to wash the sheets and duvet cover and see if it would help. We used the BIG washer, which does five normal loads at once. It's almost as good as a big-screen TV.

While things were washing, we walked in the light drizzle and admired the river. We figured we needed a bit of exercise, since after we returned home and put the sheets back on the bed, we went to the town of Quechee to see the Simon Pierce Gallery, and have LUNCH! They do pottery and glass-blowing (if you're getting the idea that most of what happens in Vermont revolves around Art and Food production, you'd be right). They cleverly have the production areas set up for viewing, so one can watch the process. It's way cool. We watched a lump of glowing glass turn into a finished piece in about ten minutes. Of course, the thing I REALLY wanted to see wasn't available for viewing; the power plant. The mill has a generator and they produce their own power. We did get to see some pictures, though. Oh well.

Even though it didn't seem that long since breakfast, we then went in for lunch. We had waited a bit so we could get a table by the window, and we had a grand view of the water cascading over the dam. And the food was GREAT! We started with dessert; a chocolate bread pudding, with vanilla ice cream. Jocelyn tipped them off, and the wait-person brought it with a candle in it! They did NOT sing any birthday songs, which was fine with me.

The coup de la crème for the day was playing cards (the Three-Deck Game) with JQP's friends G and (believe it or not) "Evan." Prior to my trip I had suggested that since it was MY birthday, for the duration he would be referred to as "Nigel," an idea that didn't receive much enthusiasm. Since I've only met a few other Evans in my life, and never played cards with one, I figured try it out and see how it feels to interact with another person with my name. It's not too bad; just whenever someone said "Evan" I had to do a quick mental check to determine if they meant ME or not. Despite this, I managed to pull off a last-hand win of the game. I'm not SAYING it shows who the best Evan is, but it gives one something to think about, no?

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