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Wherein I Dislike Mixed Messages

The people who run the parking garage where I work send mixed messages. On one hand, there’s a large sign at the entrance of the garage that tells us “VEHICLES WITHOUT VALID PARKING PERMITS WILL BE IMPOUNDED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.” On the other hand, it’s the 4th, and they haven’t given us this month’s batch of permits yet.

Logically, I know that the Client is probably the largest customer of this garage, so they’re not likely to start towing vehicles that still have December tags. Still, the section of my brain in charge of Following Rules believes:
Have Valid Parking Tag = Good.
Not have Valid Parking Tag = VERY BAD!!

Even though everyone else who works here seems unconcerned about this, the thought that I don’t have a valid tag keeps popping up on my mental landscape, because THEY COULD TOW MY CAR!!

I wish they’d give us our permits soon, so I don’t have to keep dwelling on this.

Later: I emailed the admin person, asking when it’s appropriate to inquire about when we might get them. He replied that he hadn’t gotten his either. That’s soooo helpful....

Even Later: They finally handed them out. I feel silly about obsessing over it. But am I unreasonable to think that the end of the month happens quite regularly, and they could PLAN for it?

New Topic: While reviewing my draft document about the high-level Purchase Order process, I found a typo where I referred to the “POO Master.” That brightened my day considerably…
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