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New Years Day

Spent a chunk of the morning putting together the Newsletter Art for tomorrow. Sure, I could use a stock photo of a kindly old woman gazing at her cat while it’s being frightened by an extra-dimensional creature only the cat can see, but that cheapens it, don’t you think? Plus, I do enjoy assembling the images.

Went for a Vigorous Walk, and it didn’t rain! I was dressed for the weather, but conditions were merely chilly. So I can say that I’ve exercised for an hour every day of 2007, so far.

I also repeatedly checked for new ad requests on Project Wonderful. In my ad box description I said I only would accept non-animated ads for webcomics, which apparently confused some people. Like the guy who submitted a blinking ad for webhosting.

But all that pales when compared to the undeniable fact that today was the last day of my mid-winter break, and I feel like I barely got anything done all week. For all that time off, I have very little to show for it. I did make small progress on a few projects, but not much was completed. I’m still living in a warehouse, still disorganized, still at the bottom of the escalator. I’m going to go to bed now, and maybe it will seem less daunting in the morning.

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