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2006: A Year In Review

Unless I have a year wherein I sell both a novel and its movie rights in a fierce bidding war, win the lottery and fall madly in vigorously-requited love with twin Australian fitness models, each January I will probably look back at the previous twelve months and think, “Well, that could have been better.” And even then, who knows? I might think “Damn, another year I didn’t win a World Fantasy Award.” There’s just no pleasing some people.

So, how to sum up 2006? Let’s compare how things were a year ago:
Work: 2006 – Unemployed Book Store Clerk
2007 – High-powered Business Process Consultant

Living: 2006 – 1-Bedroom Apartment in SE Portland.
2007 – Studio Apartment in lower level of drarwenchicken & BILJ’s house in Milwaukie.

Writing: 2006 – Webcomic 3/week, Newsletter 1/week. Thinking that I really should make a serious effort to syndicate the Advice Column.
2007 – Webcomic 3/week, Newsletter 1/week. Thinking that I really should make a serious effort to syndicate the Advice Column. (Well, I’m getting more readers now! That’s something!)

Health: About the same as last January.
Fitness: Pretty much the same as a year ago, too.
Romance: Let’s just move on to the LJ First-Line Meme...

First Line From The First LJ Post For Each Month of 2006:

January: For many years my sole New Year's Resolution was "This Year, I'm Going To Be Perfect," although I was never really sure by what standard I'd measure that objective, so while I might, for the first days of each January, be more careful about what I ate or engaged in some exercise, I can't say it was a particularly helpful resolution.

February: Are you familiar with the term "Scope Creep?"

March: I brought home my new computer today!

April: Today, some good things happened!

May: My webhost is down again.

June: As I was opening up the bookstore this morning, I noticed some books on the floor by the Natural History section.

July: Can you believe it’s time for the annual Cake Contest already?

August: I try keep this blog focused on my life, and not just be a collection of links to items I find interesting/amusing (and believe me, the ratio of amusements I find on the web to what I post links to here is about a gazillion to one), but as we'd say back in Arizona, this plumb tickled my fancy: Star Wars Theme On A Banjo.

September: Tense and anxious.

October: I've moved.

November: We had a Fire Drill today!

December: I was whinging to oh_that_jocelyn about the horrid state of my Studio, and she asked I could ask my friends to help out.

So, that's 2006! I wonder what wonderful things will happen in 2007?

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