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Friday: Anything Can Happen Day!

I’m reminded of one reason why I’ve taken a hiatus from my column/comic in December: My friends and family have lives beyond the Internets. When I step away from the Web for a couple weeks, I don’t notice that everyone else has as well. For those of you who are still reading my journal, here's Friday's Summary:

Since I knew I wasn’t going in to work, I had a leisurely breakfast with surfing and an IM conversation with sanguinity. As usual, topics ranged far and wide; from Coffee, to how cool (and mind boggling) this picture is, to Death and Stuff. I know IMs aren’t for everyone, but I enjoy our online chats.

My goal yesterday was to work on the creatures for the January storyline. But like so many of my projects, I had to find the tools and materials first. I found the Premo clay after looking in less than a dozen boxes (and spent some time gathering the action figures that had been packed away), but I didn’t find my bag of tools. After some targeted searches, I got fed up and started the Saturation Search: Start at one edge and work my way through every container. I only had to work the length of one short wall before I found what I was looking for, and a bunch of other stuff! I would really, really like to get all these boxes unpacked and organized, but apparently I don't want it enough to take the time to do it.

The result of this search was taking these supplies over to hang out with sanguinity while we worked on making figures. I was quickly reminded that my sculpting abilities are rudimentary. But we still had a good time making wire armatures, forming the figures and talking about stuff. I’m not sure if the figure I started will end up in the comic; we’ll have to see if I can finish it to my satisfaction.

One the way home, I picked up a couple movies that were on hold at the library. I can admit this here: I like Farce. Silly stuff. Absurdist humor. (I’m sure that comes as a surprise to you.) Stuff like Airplane!, and Top Secret!, and Hot Shots! (movies with exclamation marks, I guess, but aren’t musicals). They say Comedy is easier than dying, but Farce must be some of the most difficult of all Comedy, because a lot of it isn’t very good. I watched “Scary Movie 3,” which is okay. Some bits did make me laugh, but there are stretches that don’t work so well. Perhaps Djinn Wish #2 will be expanded so all Farce movies I write are consistently funny, and I’ll make a fortune from a string of successful scripts. Just a thought....

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