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Cry Havoc, and Let Slip The Dogs of War...

I submitted Comic 194 to Webcomic Battle. The site shows pairings of comics and readers vote on which is funnier. They only prize for winning is going on to the next day's competition, and perhaps lasting enough days to end up in the Hall of Fame. If you'd like to help out, click the button below. You may have to work your way through the sets of comics (click the "Battles" button at the top left until you see the "Please Understand Me" comic that is today's competitor (you'll have to scroll down to see my comic), then click "Ask Dr. Eldritch #194 - Says You" at the bottom).

Vote For Us on Webcomic Battle!

If you have any favorite comic(s) that you think would be good to enter into competition, feel free to post a comment!

And BTW, I'm doing this for the exposure, not for any sense of validation that I'm funnier than the other webcomic artists. You know that, right?

(xposted to dreldritch. Sorry if it shows up in your FList twice.) :-)
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