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Vermont Trip, May 22st - Day #3 - A Quiet Day In

Rather groggy when I woke up, as I was a little congested from being around the cats and it kept me from sleeping well, so I didn't walk JQP to work. Also, it was raining. I decided to spend a restful day in, as this was a vacation, after all. I had started reading a fascinating book by Susan Jeffers, called "I'm Okay, You're a Brat," a whimsically-named treatise on the facts and myths about being a parent and raising children (which ARE two different things). It made me feel good about my choice not to have children, and is a book I can cheerfully discuss if asked about. This is not the venue for going on about it, so I'll just say I spent the morning reading that, with help from Kato. (Note: I considered referring to the cats by their initials, but that would be K and K, which would only be confusing unless you knew the cats well enough to discern which one I was talking about by their behaviors, so I'm just going to use their names and hope that I don't reveal anything that embarrasses them). Anyway, Kato is my cat. I'm sure she loves JQP too, and lives with her because of my allergies, but as far as Kato is concerned, I am her person. She spent much of the day sitting on me, sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake and licking my fingers (It's what she does. For some reason, she feels fingers need to be licked, and mine are the best for licking. For some reason it is terribly endearing to have such a dear, sweet cat earnestly lick one's fingers as if it's the most important thing in the world).

I also read a prodigious collection of magazine articles carefully clipped for my by JQP. Then I wrote postcards. For you young people, "Post Cards" are rectangles of rigid paper, often with photographs of local landmarks on one side and space for a hand-written message on the other, which are snail-mailed to friends and family when one has traveled to a distant location. You may wonder why anyone would do this when one could just email them, but I like getting post cards from people, and assume that my friends and family enjoy receiving them too. So I try to send postcards whenever I travel. Anyway, with Kato diligently keeping my fingers moist, I wrote about how the locals would spend all summer painting the newly-green leaves red, orange and yellow in time for the tourist in the fall, and other examples of my finely-honed humor. If you want to read what I wrote, I'm sure the Department of Homeland Defense made copies. Just write to them and ask.

The rain let up a bit by late afternoon, so I walked to JQP's work, and then back home. I can't say I did a whole lot, but it was a great day.

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