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Tuesday is My Day.

If you have a regular weekly schedule (and I bet you do), you probably have at least one day which is routinely busier than the others. As the Subject suggests, for me that’s Tuesday. The Newsletter goes out then, and final preparation for Wednesday’s comic happens, and a number of television shows I like are broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Yesterday, there was a burst of LJ posts on my Friends List, which I didn’t get to. I’d also just signed up at ComicsSpace.com, and have been receiving a bunch of Friend Requests. I’d been sending IMs to sanguinity, and had hoped to set status to “Back” before the evening was over, but that didn’t happen.

I’d also decided to announce an early-subscription deal for my Ask Dr. Eldritch short fiction for 2007. I’d planned to wait until the end of December, but I thought there might be some Holiday Gift Subscription action (what better present to give to that Friend who is Difficult to Buy For?). So I had to set up the Gift Shop and announcement text for all that. I’m both excited and nervous about this. On one hand, there will be people buying my writings! I’m playing it cool, but all of my Creative Friends know the jump-up-and-down excitements that come with that. On the other hand, I’m making a significant time commitment to Paying Customers. I feel bad when the Newsletter slips, but my readers are all mature enough not to complain when a free product doesn’t show up when expected. Will I feel overwhelmed by the Escalator, now that money’s involved? Or will the challenge make me rise to the occasion? I don’t know. We’ll just try it and see what happens.

On the Plus Side: I announced availability of subscriptions on Tuesday night with the Newsletter, and when I logged on at 5:30 Wednesday morning, I already had a sale. A Loyal Reader must have subscribed without hesitation. Do you know how that feels? Just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down some more...

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