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Thoughts on The War On Christmas

During my morning commute, I heard an interview with a woman who wrote a manipulative children’s book about the mythical War on Christmas. I was developing a long rant on what was wrong with indoctrinating children with a belief in this supposed offensive by Liberals (whom she accused of being without Values and Morals), and reached the conclusion that such whackjobs should just be ignored.

So instead of a rant listing reasons why she’s wrong, I’m just going to dismiss her with a wave of my hand and saying “Bah!” If anyone reading this actually believes that Christmas is Under Attack By Liberals, I’d happily explain the difference between this imagined assault and defense of the Constitution.

I’m Liberal. I’m not a Christian. I believe everyone should be allowed to celebrate the religious holidays of their choice, and that our government should not favor any religion over another. Our Freedom of Speech allows Right-Wing nutjobs to whine about a fabricated attack on a religious holiday, but I’m not required to listen to them.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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