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Wherein I Socialize

Three social events in three days? Hardly sounds like my life, but that’s what happened.

Sunday - Company Christmas Party
I think I like the idea of Company parties more than I enjoy the actual event. This year’s had a lot going for it: I dressed up, ate delicious free food, had my annual Holiday Party alcoholic beverage, listened to live Celtic music and got presents!

I did carry out my plan of talking with spouses, which turned out to be husbands of women who work for the Company. One was a graphic designer with Fish & Wildlife, who develops visitor centers and related materials for parks in the Western states. The other sold adhesives. He and I actually had a pretty good conversation, too, as we’d both traveled to Alaska for business. Yet, during the event, I thought numerous times about the things I could have been getting done if I’d stayed at home.

Next year, assuming I’m still with the Company, I bring a Guest. If not a Date, then a friend who wouldn’t mind getting dressed up, having a great meal and free drinks at the Governor Hotel, listening to live Celtic music and receiving presents (my employers are very generous with the presents). This doesn’t preclude me from talking with other people, but that empty seat beside me at the table set for eight wouldn’t go to waste.

Saturday – The TGIO
Much of the day was consumed by the tasks that I’d been putting off all week. Some were pleasures, like responding to email, others were neutral, like installing under-the-counter lights in my “kitchen,” and some were Chores to be Endured; specifically finally washing that stack of dishes. (Of course, I take much pleasure in having the counter space clear for the first time in weeks.)

The Social Event of the Day was the NaNoWriMo TGIO Party. I was a little uncertain about going, as I’d not been a Participant, but I hoped to see friends there. I did talk with hhw, heard how eclectic wrote over 160K words in November, and chatted a bit with The Librarian. Most of the time I talked with Portland Scribe, who I’d not met before. Not an Evening Poorly Spent, but not quite what I’d expected, either.

Friday – Chillin’
We could have accepted free tickets to “This Wonderful Life,” (a one-man version of the “It’s A Wonderful Life” movie). I’m not a big fan of IAWL, mostly because it was made before Editing was invented, and every point about How George’s Life Has Some Problems, then How Life Is Bad Without George Around, and then How Life Is Good With George Around is wheeled out in plodding detail. Instead, I chose hanging out with sanguinity and grrlpup. Much better choice. Highlights included watching sanguinity make crepes (which came out very well indeed), lemon sorbet, and grrlpup dozing off on the couch while sanguinity and I talked about aliens and systems science. This may not sound like Big Excitement, but a low-key food-and-gossip session was just the perfect way to wrap the work week.

I did notice that this was the only event where I stayed up well past bedtime and lingered at the door, not wanting to leave. I know I’m not the only one whose Enjoyment of An Event correlates to the ratio of Friends:Attendees. But this trifecta of social gatherings definitely demonstrates how that works for me.
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