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Sunday – Last Day of Vacation

Had to script and assemble Monday’s comic today; it ended up being quite different from where I’d started out. Every time I do a comic and think “This makes me snicker, but nobody else is going to find this funny,” I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow. I also realized that it takes a while to read through the Comic Archive now. I know that shouldn’t be surprising, since we’ll be at 181 comics on Monday. At this pace, I’ll hit #200 in January.

At 1:18 p.m., I got a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was grrlpup. She’d parked her car by Reed College to go for a run, but left the headlights on. She asked if it was convenient for me to come jump-start her car? Well, when I get a call like that, the answer is “Of course!” I went, did the bit with the jumper cables, got an appreciative hug, and was back at my computer before thirty minutes had elapsed.

Now it’s no longer Holiday time, it’s an evening before a Work Day. It went by too quickly, and there are still things on the List of Things To Do. But that’s pretty much a constant state, so no big deal. I know it really wasn’t a vacation, but I was glad for four days away from work.
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