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Saturday, November 25, 2006 – I Stay Home, Mostly

Worked all morning on the video. Was busy with it when the doorbell rang. It was our Neighbor, who was looking for BILJ’s father. He looked at my rumpled hair and penguin-and-polar-bear pajamas, and asked “Did I wake you up?” I’d gotten up about six hours earlier, but why change out of one’s pajamas when one doesn’t have to?

I could have stayed at home all day if I hadn’t wanted to get lottery tickets before the Saturday night drawing. Bargained with myself to not do any grocery shopping, since I’d rather go when the stores open on Sunday. Finished the video in the early afternoon, and sent it off to the composer to be scored (yes, it’s going to have a score written for it! Is that cool, or what?).

Despite only being part way through my long list of Things To Do, I took the evening off, and spent some more time working my way through TV shows I’d videotaped before I moved. That was pretty good. Makes me feel like I’m having a vacation, and not just a long weekend that gets filled with chores and busy activities.
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