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Friday, November 24, 2006 – Day After Thanksgiving.

Aside from restless sleep (what would late-night pie and ice cream have to do with that?) and wondering if every rumble of my stomach was my rendition of the pestilence that struck leboyfriend, Friday was pretty good. I didn’t quite manage to completely honor Buy Nothing Day, due to an eBay auction, but I stayed out of the stores.

A big chunk of the day was spent on laundry and a video project. I’m creating the second Ask Dr. Eldritch promo, which Took Much Longer Than Expected. (Considering how often that phrase appears in my life, I’m thinking it might be a suitable epitaph.) I was so wrapped up in it, that when sanguinity called to ask if I noticed that the sun was shining, I could honestly say that I had no clue. I opened the door while she was on the phone, and blinked like one of the Mole People emerging from the depths.

She suggested a walk, I suggested Elk Rock Island. It’s very close to my house, but I hadn’t been there yet. So she drove down and we walked.

On a cloudy, chill day, the river’s edge by the island isn’t exactly scenic. I’d use the word “scrubby.” I was glad of my boots, what with the rocks and mud. I spotted a heron standing almost motionless in the water. We quickly determined that the trail didn’t quite make it to the island (when the river isn’t so high, it’s more of a peninsula), so we ambled along the shore, almost to a dock.

There were “No Trespassing” signs, so I resisted sanguinity’s efforts to talk me into going past them. She mentioned that it felt like being students who’d snuck off to smoke illicit cigarettes. I wondered if I had gone out on the dock, whether she would have been more pleased that she could talk me into breaking the rules, or disappointed that she could talk me into breaking the rules. Today, I turned around and we headed back.

After sanguinity left, I worked for a while longer on the video, then got tired. I’d hoped to finish that evening, but it took... you know.

I then thought I might visit with Mr. Television for a while, which turned out to be just the thing.

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