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Saturday: Blood and More Socializing!

As I worked on the comic, I got a call from the Red Cross.... I’d had to postpone giving blood earlier this month because I’d felt a cold coming on. That turned out to be a false alarm, and I hadn’t rescheduled, despite the urgent need for donations. The Red Cross person said they had a collection station in Milwaukie that day, and I almost said no because the timing was inconvenient. Fortunately, I came to my senses and made an appointment for 12:45.

After that, time for shopping! I bought ingredients and went home to prep for dinner. I’d offered to cook dinner for The Librarian as a thank-you for her help cleaning my apartment when I moved. And even though ah hadn’t helped, there was plenty of food for her as well.

While we ate, I mentioned that when I was donating blood, the greeter was a gray-haired woman whose nametag said “Queen of the Universe” on it. I had to ask if she really was the QotU; she said that was the name of an organization to which she belonged. I told The Librarian and ah that I am Emperor of All Bivalves, and it would be quite a breach of protocol to meet the Queen of the Universe and not introduce myself as such, and they got that look that I’m so familiar with, when someone realizes that they’re in the presence of royalty and are suddenly unsure if they’re remiss in not calling me “Your Highness” or had committed some other faux pas. I assured them that I don’t stand on ceremony (although one may always address me as “Your Majesty”), and answered their questions (it’s mostly honorary, as bivalves are a generally self-governing group; since about 1974; probably my nephew). We also talked of many other things, like zines, videos, books, NaNo, family vacations and sailing ships. We hadn’t run out of stuff to talk about, but I started fading around 9:00, and called it a night. I hope the evening gets good reviews in their respective blogs.

Of course I’ll tell you the menu!
Ravioli with meat sauce
Root Vegetable Medley
Olive Ciabatta Garlic Bread
Dessert: Pumpkin cheesecake square, Chocolate Revel square, and Pecan square (best of the three).

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