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Thursday: Rain

At work, the roof has been leaking. Fortunately, it’s dripping into the aisle, not actually IN my cubicle. Facilities Management took swift action, placing a plastic recycle bin and a wastebasket under the drips. And a “Caution, Wet Floor” sign. I don’t have my camera with me, so I drew a picture:

(Note: There isn’t really a Bear In A Top Hat present, but I thought my drawing needed something to jazz it up.)

This configuration almost completely blocks the aisle, but one can awkwardly shuffle around it or step over it. But there’s a parallel aisle only one cubicle-width away, so if one takes about four extra steps at each end, the obstacle can be completely avoided. What amazes me are how many people that still insist on following their familiar route down this aisle. I’ve been tempted to put up a “NO THROUGH TRAFFIC” sign.

The dripping is bad enough, but having to listen to people bumping into the cubicles as they squeeze past the obstacle is surprisingly distracting.
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