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Wednesday: A Good Day To Not Be Working The Help Desk

On Monday, the client’s Tech Support team sent out an email to the IT department (which wasn’t as concise as it could have been, but did state three important bits of information):
  1. An upgrade was being propagated to the security application on Wednesday night…

  2. So everyone should log out when they left for the day, and…

  3. If problems were encountered on Thursday, rebooting your computer should fix it.
So as I’ve been busily working this morning, I’ve heard several people in the area obviously on the phone with Tech Support and being told to reboot their computers. Which fixed the problem.

If a Help Desk Tech crawls through the phone lines and pummels one of these people for being an IT person who doesn’t read the emails and doesn’t at least try rebooting when problems are encountered, I wouldn’t blame them.

NB: I'm putting up a bunch of posts for days past, but not backdating them because they don't always show up on your Friends List page, and then you'd miss out!
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