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  • Worked on Monday’s Comic.

  • Walked downtown with drarwenchicken to have Second Breakfast and buy vegetables at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Then it was about time to go to the NANO KICKOFF!
NaNo is about not letting excuses get in the way of writing, and one of the implied tenets of NaNo is “There’s No Good Excuse Not To”. For those people who have never let themselves write a novel because they feel they can’t, the encouragement is a good thing. But I was attending the Kick-Off as Cheerful Support, rather than being one of Them Who Are About To Write.

In hindsight, instead of saying I was too busy (which is one of the Big Four Excuses, along with “I’m not a writer”, “I’m too old/young” and “I don’t know what to write”), I could have framed it as “I’m unwilling to risk compromising my other creative obligations right now.” With three NaNo wins under my belt, it’s not as if I’ve let the excuses keep me from ever trying. And I’ll be using the writing time to finish my current novel. People were mostly good about letting other people be non-NaNo, but there was still some reflexive poking at “excuses.” I’m only a little embarrassed that when one person did start the “Hey, I’m working full time and doing NaNo” response, I fell back on the “Well, you’re a Better Person than I am” smackdown. (And if you’re reading this, Sorry!)

The Kick Off was over surprisingly soon, and I offered The Librarian to the Lloyd Center. I was pleased that she chose to ride with us instead of Random Strangers On Max. However, the change of route did caused sanguinity and grrlpup to be confused as I headed to 405 and looped over to the I-5 Broadway exit (few people realize that like the Carrier Pigeon, I navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field, so I do better on freeways and open areas and generally avoid driving through downtown, where I sometimes smack into large windows). But after we dropped The Librarian off, that left the three of us to drive south from Lloyd Center. They suggested we go eat Pho. That sounded good (although I'd never actually eaten Pho), but they spoke highly of it and I knew the company would be pleasant. We supported our burgeoning traditions of
1) driving down 82nd looking for a place to eat, and
2) not ending up at the location we intended.
But we did get pho, which I found quite agreeable (although I will point out that chopsticks and a ladle-shaped spoon really aren’t the most efficient tools for eating soup with a mass of long, thin noodles).

It occurred to me that I’d met sanguinity and grrlpup two years before, at the NaNo Kick-Off Party at the Bagdad. sanguinity said it feels like it’s been much longer, and she’s right. I feel like I’ve known them for ages. Pretty cool, that.
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