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Deep Thoughts

Isn’t it nice when you hear you’re having a positive impact on your friends’ lives? sanguinity said that after she read comic #164, she’s been using the threat of performing dental work on people while they sleep to bend them to her will. *beams*

I don’t want an amoral fairy* messing with my dentition, but Dentist Helper Elves would actually be quite nice. Imagine falling asleep at night, then waking up with your teeth cleaned and your cavities filled. I admit, having elves performing dental work while you’re unconscious is a bit disturbing. But think of the bother and stress involved in going to a regular dentist, who will just do the same things. While you’re awake. And charge you for it. I mean, if I knew I wasn’t going wake up with a hip-hop gold grill or a Hello-Kitty implant, dental work by Helper Elves seems no worse than the mundane method. I would even be willing to forgo the free toothbrush and dental floss I get from my regular hygienist.

* Just to be perfectly clear, I'm talking about Nahina, not sanguinity.
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