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Backfill: Sunday & Monday

Started writing this on Monday, but didn’t post until now. Still, I’d hate to deprive you of the opportunity to read about My Exciting Life:

Sunday: Spent all morning working on the comic for November 1st. No, I’m not actually seven comics ahead of the game, but thanks to sanguinity’s brilliant suggestion, I’ve decided to do a set of five NaNo-related comics in November (one each Wednesday). Of course, that means preparing the first now one so I can take a signed copy to Chris Baty when he talks about his book at Powell’s Monday evening. That meant getting my printer set up. And searching for the photo-quality ink cartridge. Then going to the store and buying a new one because I can’t find the old one. *grrr*

Fortunately, I finished that in time to prepare a dinner for sanguinity and grrlpup, as a thank-you for helping me move. Since the morning’s project took longer, I went with the always crowd-pleasing Mac & Cheese, with green salad and sautéed sweet potatoes. I also brought the VHS copy of “High Impact TV,” the world’s only sketch comedy show written by me (and co-produced with lenser). Screening it for them was a touch stressful; I worked very, very hard not to explain how it could have been so much better. I did pretty well with that.

Monday: My plan is to convert the ¾” video masters to DVD, so I can give copies to lenser and oh_that_jocelyn. And I’ll be able to show it to other friends and family. lenser and I agreed that it would be a blast to do more video production, but it’s so much work. Perhaps I can use my movie-making software to facilitate the process. Of course, I’ve decided not to do NaNo this year because I’m barely working on my current novel, what with trying to do the advice column, horoscope, webcomic and a full-time job. Which means that even though I’m going to the NaNo event tonight, I probably won’t attend very many this year. As sanguinity pointed out, the people I know from previous years would recognize me (and generally be happy to see me), but I’d have no connection to those who are new, so I’d be just Some Guy Hanging Around.

(See post about NaNo Event now.)
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