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Sunday Surprise!

I've got tons of stuff to do. So it's not surprising that I spent almost two hours creating a slideshow animation of Comic #66 and uploading it to YouTube!

I thought I'd have to use a slideshow photo program and wrestle it into a movie file. But not so! I found I have Windows Movie Maker, a non-linear editor, bundled with Windows. I've only used it a little, but I'm impressed. I mean, ten years ago, I would have given body parts for such an easy method of editing video. It's mostly drag-and-drop. I took ten jpg images, dropped them in sequence, added transition effects, titles and credits (features from a menu), dropped an mp3 sound file in, trimmed to fit, and Bob's Your Relative! One minute of High-Quality Entertainment! (Yes, the image is a little blurry, but that's due to compression. Sorry.) When I have more free time, I'll expand my knowledge of the tool, but considering it was two hours from start to finish, without knowing anything about it to begin with (well, I have done non-linear editing before), I'm rather pleased.

Want to see it: Click here! ==> Teh Awesome! <==

Credit where Credit's Due: Thanks to ah for giving me the idea!
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