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I’ve moved. Thanks to sanguinity and grrlpup for final-phase packing/carrying, and big thanks to The Librarian for helping me clean and haul the penultimate load of stuff to The Studio. Saturday was spent cleaning. There’s something satisfying about looking about at the end of a long day and thinking, “This place looks great!” The Librarian said “I think you’ll get your deposit back.” I would hope.

I expected to sleep soundly that night, but I was restless and uncomfortable. So I slept in a bit, and woke with a headache. The first order of business was assembling my computer (well, second; first was Coffee). Of course, that really meant 1) deciding where to set up Douglas, 2) clearing that space, 3) organizing some other sections to have room to put the boxes from that space, 4) finding the boxes with computer components, and 5) putting him together.

Then I plug him in, and flip the switch and.... nothing. I try again. Usually he does a brief spin-up of his fan and drive, but I get none of that. I try the boot-up button. Nothing. After several experiments, I decide to try setting up Mr. Laptop as my Emergency Backup Computer. If I’m going to try using him for creating the comic, I need to find a keyboard and USB mouse. So I spend a while looking. The keyboard is in one of the bins with pictures, the mouse is carefully wrapped in newspaper in the box of office supply stuff.

At this point, hours have gone by, and I realize I’m not going to make it downtown to see grrlpup at the finish line of the marathon, so I called her support team (yarnyoga and sanguinity) to let them know. I offer my regrets, and mention to drarwenchicken that my computer is not happy. She offers to look at it. She fiddles around with the cables as I had done, then swaps the power cord for an identical power cord, and presses the power button. Douglas whirrs into life.

Whether it was the Universe’s way of keeping me from going forth into a large crowd of people today, or just the magic of Someone Else Trying It, I guess I don’t care. I’m just glad he didn’t have to go to the doctor and get worked on. So I started working on tomorrow’s comic.

drarwenchicken asked if I wanted to go to eat, and I realized that food was a Very Good Idea, so she, BILJ and I tried one of the restaurants in downtown Milwaukie. We learned that their “hash” was mostly hashbrowns with a handful of meat cubes. So we’ll not be ordering that again. Then we walked to the Farmer’s Market (which was closing) and the library (which was busy) and then back home. I still had to finish the comic, but it was so sunny, I had to clean the windows and screens so I could open the blinds and let the sunlight and fresh air in for a while.

After the comic was complete, there was a grocery trip. I came home to cook dinner in the Studio. So now I have TV, Internet and can make food. I’m pretty well set, even if the stacks of boxes make it look like I’m living in a warehouse. But that can wait. I'm home.
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