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Well, fetch yourself a beverage of your choice (and perhaps a snack) and settle in, for this post covers days and days, so it’s rather long. Or you could just read the cut tags below, and get the overview. But that wouldn’t be very satisfying, now would it?

Oh, how nice! You clicked through! I’ll try to make this suitably rewarding…

Friday: A beautiful sunny day, in a string of such days. Work was busy, which is good. But about 4:00, I’d done as much as I could on the documents I was working on, so I sent them out to those who needed to read them. Then I didn’t want to start a new task in the last half hour on a Friday, so I noodled about organizing paperwork and such until it was time to leave.

I’d talked with sanguinity and grrlpup about coming over to help me haul the stuff from the basement storage unit up to the apartment, and get it ready to sell. Well, the ORIGINAL plan was a Saturday Moving Sale, but I realized that I’d have to frantically price everything, and I didn’t have tables to put the stuff on, so it would be strewn around the floor. And I’d probably not sell more than a fraction of the goods, so I’d have to deal with the rest of it anyway. I’d considered taking Friday afternoon off to prepare. But the odds of earning more from a sale than I’d make over four hours at work were very small (I could work those hours, pay someone $100 to haul all the stuff away, and still come out ahead). So I canceled the ad for my sale, and went to Dude Night on Friday evening.

Did you know there’s a McMenamins above the Starbucks on NE Broadway & 15th? Neither did I, but there is one. And it’s a rather pleasant place to sit by the window around sunset on a warm September evening. Dude Mark showed us the sidebar in this month’s Sunset magazine about him and his giant pumpkin (actually last year’s pumpkin, so he’s had to wait a year until they were ready to run it) . Dude Dave talked about his new baby (now a month old, so they can no longer return it on the 30-day money-back guarantee). The other Dudes failed to show, and that was noted in the Official Dude Record. I did notice that those in attendance were the typically less-vocal Dudes, but there weren’t any long pauses where we all stared out our shoes. It was fun. I’m very glad I went.

Saturday: Finally, my Craig’s List postings started to pay off. A very nice Medical Technician bought the ottoman (I didn’t ask if my subtle mention in the ad copy about its ability to support the weight of two people influenced her decision to buy. But I bet it did). She was the only person who made a furniture transaction simple.

As I’ve mentioned, I posted the ad for my bed in the Free category, and quickly got several inquiries. Well, I told the first person they could pick it up on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but I needed to know when they’d show up. I never got any subsequent response to my emails. So I told the second person to respond (“Joe”), that he could have it. He seemed eager, almost desperate, and he said he’d be over at 1:00 on Saturday. At 2:00, I called him again, asking if he was still going to take the bed? He muttered something about thinking he was supposed to wait for my call, but he did show up half an hour later. Now, I said in my ad that the recipient needed to bring a helper and a vehicle that could haul the bed and the mattress & box springs. He brought neither. His pickup truck already had a bunch of boards in the back, but after I helped him carry the bed down in sections, he managed to load that in the truck. We put the mattress and box springs by the building and he swore he’d come back later and get them, too. He drove off. Would it surprise you to learn that I never saw Joe again?

I then got a series of emails from someone who said she wanted the couch. I gave her the address and she said she’d be over! Then she sent a message saying that something had come up. I finally got a query from someone else late in the day, so perhaps the couch will go during the week.

oh_that_jocelyn returned from Eugene early that afternoon, and AO picked her up at the train station and brought her over. AO was going to take her Loaner Chair back, although she really doesn’t have room for it in her apartment, but it wouldn’t fit in her car. So we talked about options for a while, then about other things, then about the chair again, then she and oh_that_jocelyn went and played with AO’s dog while they talked about more stuff. That was a pretty good microcosm of the day. Plenty of plans to get things accomplished, but everything diluted into a bunch of discussion and waiting, without much actual doing.

But that’s okay. Did you ever see the commercials where an elephant swims through a stunningly-beautiful lagoon? I don’t recall the product, but the advert is filled with striking images of the elephant, shot from both above and below the water. Anyway, when that commercial was being filmed, the American producers scheduled a day of shooting on a Sunday. The elephant handlers said they couldn’t do that, because The Elephant Doesn’t Work on Sundays. Of course the producers scoffed, because they were Americans and obviously knew better than any Swarthy Foreigners, and showed up on Sunday for shooting. Well, the elephant Wouldn’t. Do. Anything. He knew his schedule; work six days and then a rest day. And he wasn’t going to work that day, no matter what a bunch of stupid American TV producers thought. Eventually, everyone took the day off.

This story may be apocryphal or a fictionalization of an actual event, but I can relate. I find that when I work on something intensely for days and days, I hit a point where I’m not going to get much done, no matter how hard I push. So after hours of planning, talking and waiting, around 4:00 we declared ourselves done for the day, and walked down Belmont to get take-out food from Hoda’s and Salvador Molly’s for lunch (yes, a very late lunch).

Although oh_that_jocelyn is more gregarious than I am, she decided that after a full week of constantly being around friends and family, she needed an evening of solitude. So I went to sanguinity’s Transition Celebration on my own. I was also rather tired, but the event was very enjoyable. I got to meet a couple of sanguinity’s Imaginary Friends, like refgoddess, who turns out to be not imaginary, and is quite nice. And I got a book about writing columns from kr8vkat and the finished sweater for Dr. Eldritch from sanguinity (yeah, it was her party, but I got presents. Quirky). Then all of a sudden it was 10:00 and I knew I should go home, but everybody was still being interesting so I didn’t want to leave… I finally got back to the Studio around 11:00.

Sunday: Woke up feeling quite groggy. Those of you who have been reading this journal for any length of time will probably be asking “So, what did you eat?” And yeah, it wasn’t from drinking; I had nothing more potent than sparkling water at the party. It was the pizza that threw off my sleep. But it was good.

When I arrived back at the apartment, the mattress and box springs were still sitting there. oh_that_jocelyn helped me move them to the corner where people put Furniture To Go To A Good Home, and I posted another Craig’s List ad for them in the “Free” section. Yes, I had uncharitable thoughts about Joe.

While laundry was running, I emptied out my storage unit, bringing all the boxes upstairs. I had a mental image that I’d have a huge stack, but it’s not nearly as much as I thought. If worst comes to worst, I’ll haul it all down to Milwaukie, store it in the shed, and clear it out as time allows. I left the storage unit locked and empty except for my box of laundry detergent sitting in the middle of it. For some reason, that amuses me greatly.

After several hours of chipping away at the chaos, we took a mid-afternoon break to go see WSG and drop off a number of his scripts. We had a very agreeable, if brief, visit, then headed off to Sound Grounds. oh_that_jocelyn had emailed a bunch of friends to arrange a spontaneous get-together at the coffee shop for a couple hours. Unfortunately it may have been a bit too short-notice, as we were the only ones who made it there. Still, we played cards until the barista’s choice in music finally drove us away.

We made a trip to the grocery store, and on the way home saw that the mattress and box springs had gone away! Woohoo! I deleted the Craig’s List ad, and was glad to be able to cross all that off the List.

I’d intended to head down to the Studio early enough to still get to bed at a reasonable hour. I still didn’t leave until after 9:00, and when I got to Milwaukie, drarwenchicken and BILJ were so happy to see me, we had to talk for almost an hour right there on stairs. But they did reveal the secret to accessing their wireless network, so when I finally headed down to my room, I told Mr. Laptop about it, and he found the network (as you may guess, previous attempts had been unsuccessful). Because he hadn’t been connected to the Internet since I got Douglas, he immediately wanted to download and apply 28 Microsoft Security Patches, but I decided that should wait until later. By that point, it was well after my bedtime.

So that was my weekend! Not as productive as I’d hoped (as usual), but I’m still on schedule for the move.

On This Day In History - September 25, 1994: oh_that_jocelyn and I were married. Even though we’re not married any more, we’re planning on commemorating the day. With sushi. :-)
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