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I’m Fine. Work’s Fine. Moving is... Proceeding.

I’ve started several LJ posts, but haven’t had the strength to finish them. I also just looked at my “Sent” mailbox; could I have sent email to only three people over the last seven days? Seems so. Of course, the last week has been rather full. Much to report, and I’ll try to get to it. For now:

I thought I’d post an ad on Craig’s List to give away my bed. I considered selling it, but I built it in 1985 from plywood and 2x4’s, and while it’s still sturdy (I tend to over-engineer my designs), I don’t know how I’d price it. I decided I’d just let it go for free. So I posted the ad today, thinking I’d get a nibble or two, but it would probably not engender much interest until the weekend. I got the first response in eight minutes. Then four more in the next ten, at which point I deleted the ad.

I’ve had this bed for almost all my adult life; through twenty years and eight moves. I realized that all that time I’ve never bought a mattress; they’ve always come second-hand from friends and family. I think I’ll buy a new one. Not just new-to-me, but Brand New. That seems a very Grown Up thing to do.
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