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After being up late, Sunday morning happened earlier than usual. Then, I moved.

It actually all went pretty much to plan. Dude Dave, kr8vkat, and Steinway showed up right at 10:00, followed soon after by Dude Mark and lenser. We loaded up a pickup truck, a van, an SUV and two Ford Escorts, drove to Milwaukie and unloaded them in under two hours. That was so much fun, we did it again! The second round took less time and didn’t fill all the vehicles. My three-hour estimate for the whole adventure was almost spot on. Everyone except Dude Dave stayed for lunch; my first party! Then the rest of the crew headed home, and oh_that_jocelyn and I were left to talk about how to configure the space.

But that wasn’t the end of the day. We returned to my apartment, and worked on organizing what was still there. Some will eventually go to my new home, like Mr. Computer and Mr. TV. Much of the rest, mostly furniture, will go away. That’s next weekend’s adventure.

The plan is to take oh_that_jocelyn to the bus before 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, so she can go to Coos Bay to visit her family. So I should be off to bed now. Tomorrow morning will happen earlier than usual...
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