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Had fun at The Librarian’s party last night; got home this morning about 8:30 a.m. with a pounding headache.

Perhaps you’re looking at the screen in surprise, saying “What? Tell me more!”, and I will, although the explanation is far less interesting than that opening suggests. I left the party (alone) a bit after 10:00, and went down to my new place to spend the night there. I took a while to set up a bed and fall asleep. The train that went by around 11:00 didn’t help, but it wasn’t too noisy. I suspect I’ll quickly learn to sleep through those. I also woke up when drarwenchicken and BILJ came home, sometime after midnight. Since all I drank at the party was vanilla tea, I suspect the headache came from being a little dehydrated and staying up later than usual.

Packed up much of the kitchen today. Started feeling a bit melancholy and distressed. When The Librarian called, I was close enough to being done and not up for company, so I declined her offer to come over to help. I’m not going to have everything boxed and ready to go tomorrow, but that’s not because I’m unprepared. A bunch of stuff will stay to be sold or otherwise disbursed next weekend. But it reminds me of previous moves where oh_that_jocelyn and I packed for long days, frequently until the middle of the night, and things still weren’t ready. Demoralizing. Stressful. And I think my feelings were just echoes of those earlier events; sort of a sense memory.

Perhaps also a bit is grieving about not being here any more. This apartment has been a comfortable and pleasant home for two years, and even though there were a couple dozen boxes that stayed in my bedroom and never got unpacked, I liked living here. I’ll miss it.

But I know these are just feelings. One of the benefits of moving so many times is that I recognize them, and know they’re just what comes up during a move. In the past, they’ve built up into being really anxious, but I don’t have much really to worry about this time around. I’ve got two weeks before I have to be out of this place. Plenty of time.

Then I stayed up to meet oh_that_jocelyn at the airport at 11:10. She’s on her way to Coos Bay. Fun to see her, but we stayed up even later talking. If I don’t get to bed early tonight, I’m going to be really sleepy when it’s time for work on Monday...
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