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I don’t have any great stories from this week, but there are a few things that have floated up into my consciousness:

I am an optimist. I brought the boxes I got from Dude Mark on Tuesday into my apartment, and noticed a sharp moldy smell. I mentioned to The Librarian that if we could identify the box that was the source, we could let it go to the recycling. She pointed out that I had no reason to expect it was only one box. She’s right; but I held the hope that ridding ourselves of a solitary container would resolve the problem. Optimist.

I was going to use some specialty paper for my printer, which is conveniently on my bookcase… except it’s packed already. The boxes are marked, so I should be able to find what I need. I may regret leaving the last of the kitchen packing until tomorrow, but I’ve been glad to have everything at hand while cooking this week.

drarwenchicken suggested that I spend the night at the new place, before I move anything. Her lungs have been reacting unfavorably to something in the carpet (or perhaps mold somewhere), and she’s concerned that I’ll have problems as well. She and BILJ already steam-cleaned, so I don’t know what remediation we would do on Saturday, short of tearing up the carpets. I doubt there’s anything nice underneath, though, probably just padding, subfloor and concrete. I think it will work out fine. Optimism, again.

While formulating an email to sanguinity, I stumbled upon a really great story idea involving aliens abducting various sentient beings from different planets, and subjecting them to Scientific Experiments. I still don’t think I’ll be able to commit to a novel in November, but if I was going to write, that’s what I’d do. This also spawned a second great idea: NoNaNoWriMo. For No National Novel Writing Month, participants announce that they’re writing a novel and endlessly discuss it (topic, themes, characters, use of obscure yet brilliant symbolism, etc.) and how difficult it is to write a novel and how cool they are for being a novelist, but they NEVER WRITE A WORD OF IT. If they do, they’re automatically disqualified. Let me know if you want to take part. ;-)

Happy Birthday to The Librarian! I'm off to her party now...
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