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Packing, Packing, More Packing

I know, it seems like all I’ve been posting about lately has been packing. It’s been a bit on my mind lately. Fortunately, I’ve been doing it in small bites, with help, so while that causes it show up on a lot of days, I’m not doing the arduous, marathon sessions that I’ve done for some of the other times I’ve moved.

Sunday: I didn’t HAVE to work on Wednesday’s comic, but I figured it would be a good day to do so. My brother had said he needed to be at the airport around 1:00, so I suggested that they could let me know when they went for lunch, and I’d take a break and meet up with them. When I hadn’t heard from anyone well after noon, I decided I was on my own, had lunch, and let sanguinity know that if they wanted to come over for more packing, I was available. Then Stonecarrier called, saying that their flight was actually around 7:00, and did I want to meet them for lunch? *sigh* I suppose I could have rearranged things with sanguinity, but I was annoyed enough (and not at all hungry), so I decided to stick with my plan.

And I’m glad I did. sanguinity and I had a wonderful, rambling talk that allowed for lots of stuff to end up in boxes while it transpired (grrlpup decided to spend the time writing at a coffee shop, but then she showed up and admired our progress).

Monday: Work was busy. Do you remember taking the SAT? (Or GRE? Or any of those other multi-hour tests?) My days lately have been like that, where I sit down and focus, FOCUS, FOCUS all day, and when it’s time to go home, I’m a bit wobbly and brain-tired. So I’ve been trying to take some decompression time when I get home. Well, then sanguinity calls, and asks “Do you want to play with hazardous chemicals?” I think she was a little disappointed that I didn’t ask “WHAT hazardous chemicals?” But the answer was “Of course!” That didn’t quite go as planned, but I did make my grocery trip afterward, so I once again had food to eat.

Tuesday: Work was busy, then suddenly, it wasn’t. Nothing bad, (at least, not for me) but my tasks were put on hold. So I left work a little early, to take advantage of the chance to do some of the things I’d realized I should have done Monday night. Like laundry. But when I take the basket of clothes to the laundry room, all the machines are full. No matter; I wash a bunch of dishes and prepare Wednesday’s comic for uploading. Then I drive to Multnomah Village, to pick up packing boxes from Dude Mark, and admire Bubba, his Giant Pumpkin (who is over 400#). I call bookherd when I get home to let her know that I’m back, so she can come over and start on packing the kitchen. We filled several large boxes, but around 8:30, I lose steam. She seemed a little surprised that I wanted to wrap up so early, but I figured I’d take an hour to relax before bed, since I’d been going full tilt since I left work. I sat down to check my email, and realized that I still hadn’t done laundry. I consider not doing it, but all my “wear to work” clothes are in a wrinkly pile in the hamper. As I write this, the machines labor for me, and soon I will have clean laundry to put away. Not quite the relaxing hour I’d hoped, but at least an LJ post came from it. Even if I did talk a lot about packing again.
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