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When I moved into this apartment, I intended to go through three or four boxes each week, clearing out all the stuff I no longer needed. That didn’t happen. When faced with the choice between that and writing, working, playing, watching TV, or pretty much anything else, I chose the “Anything Else.”

So much of this weekend’s efforts toward moving have gone to sorting through boxes of records, projects and other “stuff,” with some pretty good results. I took three boxes of paper out to the recycling bin, and have a big box of papers to be shredded. I thought I was down to just one box of archival materials (taxes and such), but then I found three more boxes of records! I think those will mostly go to the recycling. It’s been very good to clear out the Wall of Boxes in my bedroom. It’s looking less and less like I sleep in a warehouse.

I do wish I’d done that two years ago. Oh, well.
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