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I decided last night not to go hiking today, which looks like it was a sound decision. Tomorrow’s comic, even with time-saving techniques, took over four hours to finish (nine characters in one panel will do that). Now it’s mid-afternoon, I’ve just had a tasty lunch, and I can work on the Sort/Filter/Pack/Move project.

In Other News: A month ago, I paid for 30 days of ad space at the webcomic Theater Hopper. I got a confirmation email from Paypal, but didn’t hear anything else. So I waited. No ad. Sent a follow-up email. Waited some more. Sent another email. Then this morning, I received a message from Tom Brazelton, apologizing for the delay, and saying that he’d set up my ad, and offered me a bonus ten days for my trouble. Fortunately, the Autonomous Attack Robots were less than half way to Iowa, and were easily recalled (please don’t tell him about the Autonomous Attack Robots). So now you can read Theater Hopper again without feeling guilty. If you even were, that is.
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