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Nice Start to the Holiday Weekend

Tense and anxious. Is my aspect of weekday cheerfulness merely a shallow veneer, so easily crumpled into worry? I face a long list of Things To Do that were supposed to be completed earlier this week so I could focus this weekend on preparing to move. Yet my home feels unorganized and cluttered. Things underfoot, stuff stacked all over, action figures not put away...

sanguinity and grrlpup have volunteered to help this afternoon, but I don’t know where we’ll start. I know I need to rid myself of lots of “stuff,” the detritus of projects I’ll finish “later” and items that “will be useful one day.” Maybe we’ll begin with the storage space in the basement; much of what’s there has hardly been touched for two years. Prime targets for letting go.

Perhaps I just need food. Often things seem much better after lunch.

ETA: I was right. Lunch helped a lot. As you were....
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