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I’ve been alternately very pleased and quite vexed with Trimet during the last couple weeks. My first day of commuting worked perfectly, and I was mentally praising all that was Trimet and Mass Transit. There have been a few annoyances since, like how they don’t consider people who get on a bus and ride it through downtown. They assume that everyone will disembark there and ride a different bus away from the city center, but those of us (heck, perhaps it’s just me) who can ride the same bus on both halves of its route are at a disadvantage. You see, not all #15 busses that go by my house actually go to 27th and Vaughn. But the signs indicating the bus’s route only say “Downtown” while it’s in SE, and give no clue whether it will go out Thurman, terminate at 18th, or continue happily to my intended destination. If all buses run on schedule, it’s easy to pick the one I want. But fairly often one runs late, and they end up with two buses together, and they both say “Downtown”, but only one goes where I’m going. And then after work today, everyone on the bus had to get onto a different bus, which was quite crowded and warm, despite the AC....

But you’re not here to listen to me whine, you want to see pictures from last weekend’s hike at Dry Creek Falls!

Dry Creek Falls Berry Picking
Click to see the Set!

BTW: Trimet is really great. I'm whining about petty stuff. Just thought I should mention that.
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