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A Post! A Post!

Missed me? I haven’t meant to be so quiet here on LJ. I’ve been reading my Friends Page, but not commenting so much. Right this moment, I should actually be going to bed...

The last couple weeks have flown by. Work during the week; spend three evenings assembling webcomics. Saturdays have been devoted to errands and chores. Sunday mornings, and a bit of the afternoons usually, were spent hiking with sanguinity and grrlpup (I’ll post some pictures, eventually). Today we followed the hike with brunch at leboyfriend’s place, featuring foods made with fresh peaches. Sublime, really. All delicious, and excellent company. Then home to assemble tomorrow’s comic.

I thought about doing Nano this year. Even got as far as listing what I’d need to do in order to clear the slate: Get ahead twelve comics and four newsletters. And finish last year’s novel. All that in nine weeks, PLUS moving to a new home? And that doesn’t even take into account any preparation for another novel... I feel like the Red Queen, running full tilt and barely keeping up. How could I do MORE for two months, and then go right into Nano?

I’ll miss the fun of noveling with a bunch of other writers. Like how I’ve missed being involved here in LJ...
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