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Wherein I’m Reminded Of The Value of Preventative Maintenance

So, I’m driving home from running errands, okay? And as I’m heading East on SE Stark at 15th, the engine dies (Bad Luck). I use the last of my momentum (driving uphill, of course), to swerve into the open parking space that’s right there (Good Luck).

The car won’t start. I try several times, wait for a while, try again. No go (Still Bad Luck). Fortunately, BILJ is home (Good Luck), and he’s willing to look up the phone number of the repair shop near my home (Good, but not Luck, per se). I call them, and they have time available to check out my car (Good Luck), so the next call is to AAA for towing. They estimate a truck will be there within an hour (Reasonable). So while I wait, I call L, who I haven’t talked to for over a year (Pleasant, but not exactly Luck).

We have to cut our conversation short, as the tow truck arrives after about twenty minutes (Good Luck). The driver is a cheerful guy about half my age, who says we need to roll my car back so he can get to the front, but it’s on a hill, so that’s easy (Good Luck again!). We drive to the shop, and there’s two open parking spaces at the end of their lot (Good Luck), so he adroitly backs the car into one (a maneuver I wouldn’t want to have to do, but I don’t drive a tow truck all day). I tipped him (Good Karma) after he unhooked my car, because I thought he deserved it.

The interesting thing is that I had thought to take my car in this week for general maintenance, so it would be ready for commuting to work. (For those of you who haven’t heard yet, I’ve got a six-month contract starting Monday!) That idea slipped as I realized how much I had to get done in the next few days, but I figured I’d take it in next week, as the bus goes right from my apartment building to the client site. Having a car in the shop then would be no inconvenience. I guess maintenance is happening this week after all. Still, considering how easily it went, I can’t complain too much (well, not until I hear how much it costs to fix whatever the problem is, anyway). If one has to have one’s car stall, it’s best to have it happen on pleasant day, while driving on a minor road with an easy parking spot and a shady place to wait for a short time for a cheerful tow-truck driver.

Looking at all the green spots in the text above, I can say it could have been much worse.
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