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Long Time...

Today’s walk took me to drarwenchicken’s house, and on the way home, I followed signs to a yard sale near SE 59th & Clinton. I didn’t buy much, just a 25¢ picture frame. As I paid, I commented to the woman running the sale that I wasn’t helping reduce the volume of stuff by much, and she looks at me quizzically and said “Evan?”

This, of course, prompted me to search the mental database and I quickly came up with a name. “J?” I said, and it was indeed her! She had also gone to Lewis & Clark and lived across the hall in Stewart dorm. I’d even been one of the people who helped her move into that very house (if I recall, an acrimonious divorce prompted a sudden relocation), but that had been over a decade ago. We talked for a bit, she introduced me to her husband, and I gave them cards for my webcomic before I continued my walk home.

I’ve always considered these unexpected meetings with people I haven’t seen for years as a sign from the Universe that I’m on the right track. Of course, I’ve lived in Portland for thirteen of the last sixteen years, so it’s not surprising that I’d occasionally cross paths with people I know. Whether this was a favorable omen or merely coincidence, it was good to see her again. She’s looking much happier than when I saw her last, too.
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