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Backfill: Monday

First thing, of course, was uploading the comic. (Did you realize that I’m six weeks away from a full year of comics? Comic #151 will post on September 4th!)

Then snottygrrl came over to help me with PHP. This was supposed to have been our Fun Saturday Night activity, but she’s been sick.   :-(   (Yeah, it sucks. She thought it might be due to the epic plane flight from NZ, or stress, or poor sleep from the heat, be we all know that the cause of illness is Being Around Small Children. Nobody likes admitting that, but it’s true.) We talked about that and other stuff until a bit after noon, then I took her back to her brother’s house.

Aside from buying some groceries and a walk to the library, I didn’t get much else done that afternoon. What with the hot temperatures, I’ve been sleeping poorly, even camping on the couch under the gentle breath of goddess Pelonis. And it was hot, and I was just... so... tired. I had been resisting taking a nap, so I would be able to fall asleep at a reasonable hour at night, but I finally said “Screw it! I’m not getting anything done, I’m just going to bed.” So in the middle of the afternoon, I set my contacts to soaking, brushed my teeth, set my phone to ‘silent’, turned off my computer and settled onto the couch, fully prepared to sleep until Tuesday, if I possibly could.

I made it until a bit after 7:00 p.m. I woke up, and drifted along the edge of sleep for a while, trying to decide whether reading, TV or attempting more sleep was the best option. Then my phone rang.

Which was odd, because I had made a point of turning off the ringer, so it wouldn’t do that. But when a supposedly silent phone rings, I answer it. It was snottygrrl, with a favor to ask, one that required a trip to pick up something for her, and bring it to her brother’s house. Well, I like to do favors when people ask to maintains my belief that I’m a good person, so I went. It all went quickly and easily, and I got a bonus visit; we sat on the lawn, talked and watched the local wildlife (dogs, cats and a squirrel (bear?)). Finally, the weather was cooling, so it was quite a nice time.

And then it was cool enough to fall asleep in my bed, which pleased me greatly.

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