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I Felt I Should Say Something...

I saw on BoingBoing that Melanie Martinez was fired from hosting a preschool kids' show for doing these humorous parody but NSFW videos: Video #1 and Video #2.

It annoyed me. I hate the culture of Conservative Hypersensitivity. And I despise weaselly corporate types who try to dodge accountability by hiding behind "doing what's best for our customers."

So I sent this to PBS KIDS Sprout:

I am very disappointed to hear that Melanie Martinez has been fired due to her role in an independent short film made prior to her tenure with PBS KIDS. I would make the following suggestion to support you in selecting a wholly appropriate preschool-program host, with nothing to undermine his or her credibility. The new host must prove that he or she would answer ALL of these ten questions with “NO.”
  1. Have you ever appeared in a film, video, play or other artistic performance that had themes or subject matter that might be considered unsuitable for preschool children?
  2. have you ever seen any film, video, play or performance with such content?
  3. Have you ever read a book with content unsuitable for preschool children?
  4. Have you ever been photographed while engaged in a situation or activity unsuitable for preschool children, such as a holiday dinner where alcoholic beverages were served?
  5. Have you ever been photographed while less than fully dressed, such as in a bathing suit at the beach?
  6. Have you ever been undressed?
  7. Have you ever seen anyone else undressed?
  8. Have you ever had sex?
  9. Have you ever thought about sex?
  10. Have you ever done anything or thought about anything that was not completely, thoroughly, 100% suitable for preschool children to do or think about?
Obviously, anyone who could answer “Yes” to any of these questions should not be employed as a host for a preschool program.

Look, you’re certainly entitled to make whatever business decisions you feel necessary. But please, don’t disrespect us by saying your “foremost priority is to do what is best for young viewers and their families.” I’m sure you’re concerned with that, but if you care about credibility, have the fortitude to say that you’re primarily worried about your financial support from advertisers.

If you’re tracking consumer responses, put me down as “I Strongly Disapprove of your decision to fire Melanie Martinez.” And good luck finding a working actor who is controversy-free.

-Evan Nichols

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