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So... Full... So... Sleepy....

So far, nobody’s said to me “Hot enough for you?”, which is just as well. I’d probably reply with something like ”Is this stick pointy enough for you?”, they’d say “Ow! OW! Stop poking me!!” and it would just go downhill from there.

Yes. It’s Freakin’ Hot. There is no good reason for Portland to be having triple-digit temperatures. I have been worshipping Pelonis, the deity of Portable Air Conditioners. Money very well spent.

Woke up early, scooped up sanguinity and grrlpup, made the traditional stop for breakfast, and went hiking from Tryon Creek State Park into Lake Oswego and back, with a Tour Of Places Evan Has Lived while we were in First Addition. This was the first time I've acted as Hike Leader for us, and I was a bit nervous about Royally Screwing It Up (being an Eagle Scout and all, how would that look?), but they seemed to have a good time, and sanguinity brought Leader Treats. The day was heading toward warm, but as I’d hoped, it was still cool enough in the park for a couple hours of walking.

Next stop was Lewis & Clark College, for a photo. I’d wanted to match a shot taken back when I was in school, and fortunately, the piece of art is still there (I think they’ve moved it closer to the building, though). It’s not a perfect match, but you can see a side-by-side here.

After a quick stop at home, I drove downtown for a Todai Birthday Lunch for TJ. It was very good; have I mentioned that I love sushi? Well, I do. And I ate a lot. I generally only consume food in small portions, so I felt rather full afterward. And back at home, the several nights of poor sleep caught up with me. My intentions of being productive were scuttled by a nap. Which is fine; did I mention that I love naps?

Speaking of which, I’ll end with a riddle I made up in honor of my nap:
Q: What does a cat call five naps in a day?

A: Insomnia.
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